Printing and Design Services

Are you a Maury County Public Schools employee?

Do you have an idea for your classroom or school? We can help you create it.
Our design services are free of charge.

Have you purchased a unit of study online or do you need booklets for your class? We can print and bind those for you.

Printing/Copy prices:
Black and white copies: 5 cents per copy.
Color copies: 20 cents per copy.
Cardstock (letter size): 10 cents per sheet
Binding coils: 20 cents each-$1.00 each depending upon diameter

We can design projects, print or enlarge an existing design. To ensure crisp enlargement, images less than 300dpi and 1800x1200 pixels will need to be redesigned. PDF's should be high quality. All images should be copyright free.

Browse our photo gallery of projects.